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XII ECSMGE conference


This month sees the quadrennial European Conference for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, which this year takes place in Amsterdam from June 7-10. The conference, which is hosted by Netherlands Geotechnical Society, is under the theme 'Geotechnical engineering for transportation infrastructure'.

Over the following pages Ground Engineering previews the conference and profiles companies taking part in the supporting technical exhibition. Elsewhere in this issue you will find an article from Professor Heinz Brandl, ISSMGE vice president for Europe, and professor of geotechnical engineering at Vienna Technical Uninversity, who provides his views on the role of geotechnics in transport infrastructure. You will also find reports on a number of current Dutch projects, including the Ketelmeer sludge disposal depot and Ijburg reclamation, both of which can be visited as part of the technical excursions which round off the conference on Thursday afternoon.

Apageo Segelm

Magny Les Hameaux, France

Contact: J-P Mermet

Tel: +33 1 30 52 35 42

Fax: +33 1 30 52 30 28

e-mail: apageo_vg@ compuserve. com

The range of equipment manufactured and supplied by Apageo Segelm includes the Menard Pressuremeter, the SPAD data logger for computerised acquisition and print-out of pressuremeter test results, and the drilling data logger Explofor, which is used to detect soil variations and cavities.

Stand 043

AP van den Berg BV

Heerenveen, the Netherlands

Contact: E Welling

Tel: +31 513 631355

Fax: +31 513 631212

AP van den Berg is a specialist in the development and manufacture of CPT cone penetration test equipment for geotechnical and geo-environmental soil investigation. The company was started in 1968 and today employs about 70 people.

Stand 020

Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH

Schrobenhausen, Germany

Contact: H Lesti

Tel: +49 8252 971233

Fax: +49 8252 971135

Foundation contractor and equipment manufacturer Bauer Spezialtiefbau has been involved in foundations for over 40 years. The company operates as a contractor worldwide in all fields of foundation work, including bored piles, retaining walls, ground anchors, jet grouting and ground improvement. It also produces specialised foundation equipment.

Stand 040

Boart Longyear Europe - ITM

(Interfels GmbH)

Bad Bentheim, Germany

Contact: J Evers

Tel: +49 592298980

Fax: +49 5922989898

Instrumentation manufacturer Boart Longyear has been associated with precision and technological advancement in the mining, construction and geotechnical sectors for 40 years. Boart Longyear ITM (Instrumentation, Testing & Monitoring) draws on the products and expertise of Slope Indicator Company and Interfels GmbH, both part of the Boart Longyear group.

Stand 021

Borros AB

Solna, Sweden

Contact: O Sundquist

Tel: +46 8 27 26 20

Fax: +46 8 83 67 02


Borros supplies geotechnical field equipment worldwide. The company is well known for its dynamic and static sounding equipment and for sampling kits of various sizes.

Stand 032

Delft University of Technology, Geotechnical Laboratory

Delft, the Netherlands

Contact : A Verruijt

Tel: +31 15 2785280

Fax: +31 15 2783328


The Geotechnical Laboratory of Delft University of Technology is responsible for the teaching of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering to all civil engineering students in the Netherlands, and for university research in Geotechnical Engineering. Its main areas of expertise are numerical modelling and geocentrifuge modelling.

Stand 041

Diana Analysis BV

Delft, the Netherlands

Contact: L van den Bout

Tel: +31 15 262 7923

Fax: +31 15 262 5330


Diana Analysis is responsible for the marketing, sales and support of the finite element program DIANA. Developed by TNO in the 1970s, the software performs combined soil-structure interaction analyses. It uses material models and over 200 elements to perform linear static and dynamic non- linear analyses. Models such as modified Mohr Coulomb and Egg Cam Clay were recently added, along with new modules for phased analysis and liquefaction.

Stand 036

Dywidag Systems International

Munich, Germany


Tel: +49 89 92670

Fax: +49 89 9267252

Geotechnical contractor Dywidag was founded in 1979. The company specialises in rock and soil anchors, rock bolting, bar and strand anchors, GEWI piles, self drilling hollow core anchors, glass fibre bolts and removable anchor systems.

Stand 015

Fugro NV

Leidschendam, the Netherlands

Contact: Ir KS Wester

Tel: +31 70 3111422

Fax: +31 70 3202703

Founded in 1962, Fugro is a multi-national group of consulting engineers providing geotechnical, environmental and survey services. It offers considerable expertise in offshore geotechnical projects, in addition to new insitu measurement techniques for on- and offshore applications.

Stand 010

Fundex Companies BV

Oostburg, the Netherlands

Contact: E Revoort

Tel: +31 117 457575

Fax: +31 117 457550

Foundation contractor Fundex is the inventor of the Fundex, Tubex and Vibrex piling systems. It specialises in bored piling, displacement piling, micropiling, diaphragm and slurry wall construction and bored and sheet pile walls.

Stand 011

GDS Instruments

Egham, UK

Contact: Dr P Hooker

Tel: + 44 1784 439228

Fax: + 44 1784 434644


GDS Instruments manufactures advanced and production geotechnical test equipment, specifically triaxial and consolidation testing for

the laboratory and on-site surface wave systems for measuring stiffness/depth profiles. It also has a range of software for control/data acquisition and interpretation of laboratory and insitu tests.

Stand 018


Delft, the Netherlands

Contact: Dr S ter Kuile

Tel: +31 15 2693665

Fax: +31 15 2610821

GeoDelft is the new name for Delft Geotechnics, which started as the Laboratory for Soil Mechanics 65 years ago, when soil mechanics was in its infancy. Today the company's activities range from scientific research to consultancy and the group offers the greatest concentration of geotechnical and geoenvironmental expertise in the Netherlands. GeoDelft is designated as one of the country's five Grand Technological Institutes and is a participant in the Delft Cluster network set up this year to promote sustainable infrastructure development in urban delta areas.

Stand 016

Geonor AS

Roa, Norway

Contact: 0 Klevar

Tel: +47 67147550

Fax: +47 67145846

Geonor develops and manufactures systems for soil sampling and testing as well as geotechnical field instrumentation. It claims to have pioneered

the development and production of geotechnical field instrumentation based on twin magnet vibrating wire technology. Founded by the Norwegian

Geotechnical Institute in 1957, Geonor has retained close links with NGI in the development of its equipment. At Amsterdam the company will present

a completely new and redesigned version of its direct simple shear apparatus.

Stand 028


Braunschweig, Germany

Contact: J Otto

Tel: +49 531 312895

Fax: +49 531 313074

Over the past 15 years, GGU has developed more than 40 software-programs for MS Windows 95/98/NT for groundwater and geotechnical modelling according to the DIN (German industry standard). This year it introduces English software menus.

Stand 013


Lebanon, NH, USA

Contact: T Simmonds

Tel: +1 603 448 1562

Fax: +1 603 448 3216


Geokon operates on a worldwide basis through a network of agencies for the manufacture and sale of geotechnical instruments. It offers a range of geotechnical instruments and total measuring systems, including data- acquisition and telemetry options and additional services for engineering.

Stand 045

GeoMil Equipment BV

Alphen a/d Rijn, the Netherlands

Contacts: E Wassenaar and E Omtzigt

Tel: +31 172 427800

Fax: +31 172 427801


Established following the merger of the CPT-equipment divisions of GMF- Gouda and Conewel, GeoMil Equipment has more than 65 years' experience in manufacturing geotechnical and environmental CPT-equipment. It products range from 400kN CPT trucks and crawlers to miniature cones and CPT parts. Local agents support customers in more than 20 countries.

Stand 038

Geotech AB

Goteborg, Sweden

Contact: Dr G de Caprona

Tel: +46 31 289920

Fax: +46 31 681639

Geotech manufactures geotechnical field equipment capable of operating in ground ranging from soft clays to hard rock. Established in 1970 the company's range now includes site investigation rigs, penetrometers, cone penetration test kits, dataloggers, in addition to interpretation software.

Stand 032

Geotechnics Holland BV

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Contact: JW van der Berg

Tel: +31 20 6651614

Fax: +31 20 6941457

Part of the Cortlever Holding group, Geotechnics Holland is a supplier of Mebradrain vertical drains for soil improvement, Geolock vertical cut- off barriers and Geoflex plastic sheet piling. Specialising in geotechnical contracting, it delivers these products to more than 40 countries in Europe, North America and the Far East.

Stand 035

Ground Engineering

London, UK

Contact: P Wheeler

Tel: +44 171 505 6647

Fax: +44 171 505 6790

Ground Engineering, the magazine of the British Geotechnical Society, is widely acknowledged as the leading international geotechnical magazine. Established in 1968 Ground Engineering focuses on practical aspects of technical developments in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering worldwide. Visit our stand to meet the editorial and advertising team, for special reduced rate subscriptions and the chance to win a bottle of the finest Scotch whisky or a magnum of Champagne. Ground Engineering also produces European Foundations, the magazine of the European Federation of Foundation Contractors.

Stand 026


Dortmund, Germany

and Nedeximpo

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Contact: Mr Reitsma

Tel: 020 5732 257

Fax: 020 5732 219

Hoesch manufactures steel sheet piling for building and civil engineering applications including retaining walls and car parks. It has had a close association with Netherlands-based sheet piling supplier Nedeximpo, since the latter's formation in 1917. At Amsterdam Nedeximpo will be presenting the new Hoesch Z-pile and new Larssen profiles.

Stand 029

Holland Railconsult

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Contact: F de Boer

Tel: +31 30 235 40 64

Fax: +31 30 235 89 57

With well over 1,400 employees, Holland Railconsult is one of the Netherlands' largest engineering firms, formed following the privatisation of the Netherlands Railways Engineering Department in 1995. Its engineers and designers specialise in new transport systems such as the Dutch High Speed Line projects.

Stand 014

Huesker Synthetic GmbH & Co

Gescher, Germany

Contact: J Kassner

Tel: +49 12542 701 220

Fax: +49 12542 701 499

Established more than 30 years ago, Huesker designs and manufactures geosynthetics, and developing, it says, geosynthetic solutions to engineering problems. Products include Fortrac flexible geogrids, Stabilenka, for embankment reinforcement, and Comtrac knitted composites.

Stand 008

ID' FOS Research eeig

Fibre Optic

Sensing Research Centre

Geel, Belgium

Contact: J Beknel

Tel: +32 14 58 11 91

Fax: +32 14 59 15 14


ID' FOS Research eeig (formerly Identity eeig), a member of the German GLOTZL group, is developing and implementing fibre optic instrumentation for geotechnical and civil engineering applications.

Stand 023

Inpijn Blokpoel - SONAR Geotechnical Engineering

Son en Breugel, the Netherlands

Contact: H van de Graaf

Tel: +31 499 47 17 92

Fax: +31 499 47 72 02


This company's main activities are in the field of geotechnics, environmental work and dewatering, and include site investigations, laboratory testing, consultancy and monitoring. Inpijn Blokpoel is the Netherlands operation, while SONAR Geotechnical Engineering operates mainly in France, Belgium and Germany.

Stand 004

IHC Hydrohammer BV

Kinderdijk, the Netherlands

Contact: G Jonker

Tel: +31 78 6910301

Fax: +31 78 6910304

IHC Hydrohammer

manufactures hydraulic piling hammers, hydraulic piling rigs, rotary turntables and girdle vibrators. The Hydrohammer is a universal hydraulic piling hammer for use onshore and offshore (in air or under water). IHC Hydrohammer has recently extended its product line with the entire range of Fundex piling equipment.

Stand 037

Junttan OY

Kuopio, Finland

Contact: T Tervonen

Tel: +358 17 2874400

Fax: +358 17 2874411

Established in 1976, Junttan specialises in the manufacture of hydraulic piling hammers and piling rigs. It is working to develop more environmentally friendly driving equipment, in terms of noise, pollution and vibration.

Stand 022

Keller Grundbau

Offenbach, Germany

Contact: C Trolle

Tel: +49 69 8051237

Fax: +49 69 8051221

Keller is a leading international ground engineering contractor. From operating centres in Europe and North America, it has worked in virtually every country in the world. Keller's services are used across the entire construction spectrum from industrial, commercial housing and infrastructure projects to the specialised requirements arising from renovation and environmental contracting.

Stand 001

Koenders Instruments BV

Almere, the Netherlands

Contact: RS van der Veen

Tel: +31 36 5480101

Fax: +31 36 5480102


Koenders Instruments supplies geotechnical instrumentation and complete measuring systems. Most systems are designed to customer needs and based on vibrating wire sensors from Geokon Inc and the data-acquisition systems of Campbell Scientific.

Stand 045


Contact: J Hayes

Tel: +1 352 378 3717

Fax: +1 352 378 3934

Loadtest Inc was established in 1991 to promote the Osterberg Cell (O-cell) method of load testing drilled shafts and piles as a alternative method of static load testing. Initially operating in just North America, it now provides services in South East Asia, South America and South Africa.

Stand 25


Tel: +49 30 8246044

Fax: +49 30 8239037

Contact: Mr Bunjevac

Micronic produces computer hardware and software for the measurement of compression, shear and triaxial testing in geotechnical laboratories.

Stand 039

Naue Fasertechnik

Luebbecke, Germany

Contact: K von Maubeuge

Tel: +49 5741 40080

Fax: +49 5741 400884

Geosynthetic manufacturer Naue Fasertechnik produces a wide variety of products for civil engineering worldwide. The company also offers product development and geotechnical advice. Main applications include landfills, roads, hydraulic engineering, tunnelling and groundwater protection. Notable developments are Bentofix needlepunched GCL for sealing and the Secugrid reinforcement geogrids.

Stand 005

Pagani Geotechnical Equipment

Contact: M Contini

Tel: +39 0523 781520

Fax: +39 0523 781520


Italian company Pagani Geotechnical Equipment started operating in 1978 with the construction of oleodynamic and electrohydraulic systems for civil engineering applications. It produces equipment for geotechnical and geophysical applications, environmental research and monitoring.

Stand 031

Plaxis BV

Delft, the Netherlands

Contact: P Brand

Tel: +31 10 50 30 295

Fax: +31 10 50 18 041


Plaxis BV develops and markets high-tech, user-friendly, geotechnical software. The Plaxis program is a finite element package, developed the company claims, specifically for the analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering projects around the world.

Stand 002


Linz, Austria

Contact: M Wewerka

Tel: +43 732 6983 5315

Fax: +43 732 6983 5353

Polyfelt manufactures and supplies geotextiles and geosynthetics. It also provides technical services, including design, technical training and project supervision. It is represented in almost all European, Asian and Latin American countries and has production facilities in Austria, France and Malaysia.

Stand 009


Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Contact: A Schmitt

Tel: +352 5313 3105

Fax: +352 5313 3290

ProfilARBED is the long products branch of steel manufacturer ARBED. As one of the leading producers, the company claims to play an important role in the international development of sheet piling technology.

Stand 027


Delft, the Netherlands

Contact: JD van Duijvenbode

Tel: +xx 15 2518415

Fax: +xx 15 2518555



Milan, Italy

Contact: R Lamperti

Tel: +39 02 2132728

Fax: +39 02 26923252

SISGEO manufactures instruments and monitoring systems for geotechnical and environmental engineering. The company also offers technical advice for installation, measurement and data analysis.

Stand 030

Solexperts AG

Schwerzenbach, Switzerland

Contact: D Naterop

Tel: +41 1 825 29 29

Fax: +41 1 825 00 63


Solexperts' activities include the manufacture of, and measurement with, high-precision linewise displacement instruments, and the development of fully-automated monitoring systems. In the past 10 years it has developed automatic data acquisition and monitoring systems for many types of sensor, including motorised digital levels and total stations.

Stand 007

Strukton Betonbouw BV

(Operating Company of Strukton Groep NV)

Maarssen, the Netherlands

Contact: J Nagtegaal

Tel: +31 30 248 69 11

Fax: +31 30 248 67 00

Strukton Betonbouw, the operating company of Strukton Groep NV, is involved in civil engineering, pressing, sliding and jacking engineering, noise reduction and foundation techniques (through Tubex BV).

Stand 012

T&E Consult BV

Maarssen, the Netherlands

Tel: +31 302 48 62 10

Fax: +31 302 48 66 66

T&E Consult was established five years ago as an engineering department of a leading Dutch contractor Strukton when, it claims, emphasis in the Netherlands was placed on large infrastructural projects. Nowadays the company covers a broad range of technology and engineering disciplines.

Stand 012

Technosoft BV

Lochem, the Netherlands

Contact: R den Otter

Tel: +31 573 289000

Fax: +31 573 256220

Technosoft specialises in structural analysis software and design software. It also develops software for designing piled foundations and sheet piled structures. Technosoft claims to be the only company within its field to be ISO 9001 certified.

Stand 017

Tensar International

Blackburn, UK

Contact: K Lambert

Tel: +44 1254 262431

Fax.: +44 1254 661624

Geosynthetics manufacturer Tensar International is part of the Netlon Group. Since the late 1970s it has been providing geosynthetic solutions for projects worldwide. Recent work includes the MARL project at the Expo site in Lisbon, Portugal, the M6 in the UK, railway improvements in the Slovak Republic and the Al-Tareif Road in the Middle East.

Stand 019


Montreuil, France

Contact: B Simon

Tel: +33 1 49 88 24 42

Fax: +33 1 49 88 06 66 8


Terrasol's skills encompass all aspects of geological and foundation engineering for public and civil works and experts from this French-based consultancy have taken a leading part in recent developments in soil reinforcement.

Stand 003

Terre Armee - Reinforced Earth

Paris, France

Contact: Ing PJMA Heijmans

Tel: +31 7653 19332

Fax: +31 7653 19943

Founded in the late 1960s, Group Terre Armee Internationale is a specialist in reinforced soil, its founder Henri Vidal having developed the Reinforced

Earth process. Working at the interface of geotechnical and structural engineering, its capabilities include mechanically stabilised embankments (Reinforced Earth), prefabricated arches (TechSpan) and dynamic soil nailing (Solna). The company was acquired by French specialist contractor Freyssinet in December 1998.

Stand 034


Delft, the Netherlands

Contact: JC Hooghart

Tel: +31 15 2697152

Fax: +31 15 2697450


John Wiley & Sons

Contact: P Thomas

Tel: +44 1243 779777

Fax: +44 1243 775878

John Wiley & Sons is a leading international publisher of print and electronic products, specialising in scientific/technical books and journals. It is offering the books Computational Mechanics , by O Zienkiewicz and Material Instabilities in Solids , by R de Borst, with a special conference discount of 15%.

Stand 044

Wille GeoTechnik

Goettingen, Germany

Contact: T Wille

Tel: +49 551 30752 0

Fax: +49 551 30752 20

Wille GeoTechnik is involved primarily in the manufacture and supply of mechanical and electronic geotechnical field testing devices and laboratory equipment for research and industry. The company was established in 1989 in close co-operation with German research institutions.

Stand 006

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