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Tim Chapman

Tim Chapman is a director of Arup and leader of its Infrastructure London Group


  • Tim chapman crop

    Response | Highways England is increasingly adeptSubscription

    16 January, 2018

    It is an exciting time for UK infrastructure – after decades of Cinderella status, investment in it now has cross-party and national consensus as the best way to increase the UK’s lamentable productivity growth and spread that national prosperity across the UK.

  • Infrastructure

    The View | Why infrastructure is now a hot topicSubscription

    12 February, 2016

    The cross-party consensus around the need for great infrastructure schemes is attracting many other professions too, says Tim Chapman.

  • BIM

    The View | The disrupters need to be more disruptiveSubscription

    22 January, 2016

    I recently attended a breaking technology conference where a keynote speaker uttered the truism: “disruption is disruptive”, which isn’t as useless a statement as it might seem at first glance. 

  • London skyline

    Britain needs a grand masterplan to keep up with population growthSubscription

    5 May, 2015Comments (1)

    London’s population had shrank to just 6.7M people in 1988, but then the city started growing again. The 2011 London Plan expected it to take a further ten years for the city’s population to reach 8.4M – instead growth accelerated and it took just two years, with that level being reached in mid 2013, and currently increasing by 110,000 people every year.

  • Power cables

    Germany and Japan are betraying their futures by abandoning nuclearSubscription

    27 November, 2014Comments (1)

    Most nations now recognise the catastrophic future for mankind unless there are rapid reductions in the amount of carbon that we chuck merrily into the atmosphere. But how countries achieve this is a matter of some debate.

  • Tim Chapman

    Infrastructure can unite us allSubscription

    10 October, 2014Comments (1)

    While we may marvel at the speed and alacrity with which China has expanded its high speed rail network, its progress in road building has been even more impressive. In 2012 and 2013, China opened more than 10,000km of new expressway (motorway) each year and this year already more than a further 8,000km has been opened. 

  • Tim Chapman

    The capital's transport revolution refuses to slow downSubscription

    29 July, 2014

    Over the past two decades, London has been transformed by a transport revolution. Great new places have been created and existing centres have been reanimated by a massive expansion and reinvigoration of public transport provision across London.

  • Tim Chapman

    Suspending our fears – the future is autonomous vehiclesSubscription

    18 June, 2014

    With the unveiling of Google’s new car and renewed press interest in what autonomous vehicles might mean for society, much has been made of the unease many people have over unleashing computers into such a safety critical environment, where a computer controlled car might kill humans. 

  • TALKING POINTSubscription

    1 June, 2004Updated: 19 February, 2009

    NEWSThe profession must educate the construction industry about the consequences of ground risks, says Tim Chapman.