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Tim Beckett



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Comments (5)

  • Comment on: Erosion solution for offshore wind turbines to save millions

    Tim Beckett's comment 7 February, 2019 3:09 pm

    Plastic pollution of the oceans is already enough of problem without the addition of these 'buoyant polypropylene plastic strips' which will only add more pollution as they decay and erode. We need to devise engineering solutions that remove plastic from the sea, not add it.

  • Comment on: Delayed Mose defence 'would have prevented' Venice flooding

    Tim Beckett's comment 1 November, 2018 9:41 am

    Major Venetian floods, such as the current one, are the result of rainwater discharge into the lagoon as well as tidal surge so the functionality of the Mose barrier is questionable. Also Venice continues to sink. Probably the only long term solution is to raise the city using fracking technology as explained here

  • Comment on: Exclusive | Ferry shuttle service to rival Rotherhithe crossing

    Tim Beckett's comment 1 October, 2018 12:52 pm

    The cost of operating the ferries is less than the cost of operating the bridge; whether either crossing is tolled or not is a political decision. The ferries have a 30-40 year life and they could be replaced many times with the money saved by not building the bridge.

  • Comment on: New Thames vision unveiled

    Tim Beckett's comment 1 August, 2017 4:48 pm

    It is now a year since the Port of London Authority launched their Thames Vision and while I welcome the fact that the PLA had produced their document I believe that an opportunity had been missed. The PLA’s Vision is, perhaps understandably, the result of wide consultation and drafting by committee; the downside of this approach is that the end result lacks anything that could be described as ‘visionary’; the document is more akin to a business plan.
    I have therefore produced an alternative Thames Vision which approaches the task from a different perspective. It starts by identifying twelve challenges that the custodians of the river face over the next 25 years. These challenges range from a successor to the Thames Barrier to river crossings in the East, plastic waste pollution and passenger and freight transportation. My Thames Vision then considers what a holistic solution to these multiple challenges might look like.
    Elements of this new Vision have been proposed previously but the interconnection of the various components to provide an overarching solution to the challenges ahead is new. I believe that there are distinct advantages to be had by designing London’s future flood defences to not only do their primary job but also to facilitate bridge crossings, an increase in freight handling, enhanced passenger services and environmental improvement of the river. I hope that this new Thames Vision will prompt debate about the benefits that might be achieved from adopting a holistic view of the river’s future. My alternative Thames Vision can be found at

  • Comment on: Should Gatwick become London's hub?

    Tim Beckett's comment 18 May, 2012 6:18 pm

    If we are planning for the next 30 years, as we need to be, then south-east England will require a 4 runway hub airport. Having a split hub between two airports is inefficient and therefore an unattractive proposition for the airlines; they will take their hub operations elsewhere. The options are therefore to progressively expand Heathrow up to 4 runways or to relocate the hub to a location where 4 runways can be more comfortably accommodated. Gatwick is not the answer.

    The Foster/Halcrow Thames Estuary proposal is also not ideal since the site is constrained by shipping channels so the runway separation is insufficient to allow independent runway operation.

    The options are limited but I believe there is an alternative that is deliverable. 3D Reid and Beckett Rankine will be launching a detailed scheme proposal in June.