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Summer term: week one


1.Two identical circles of radius 13m intersect at points A and B.

Their centres are 24m apart - what is the distance AB?

2.The roots of a quadratic equation x 2+ bx + c = 0 are 2 + v 5 and 2 - v 5.

Find the values of b and c

3.A particle of weight 30N is being accelerated across a smooth plane by a force of 6N acting at an angle of 25' to the horizontal. If the particle starts from rest find its speed after 4 seconds.

Take g = 9.8 ms

4.Julia gets into a lift on the 11th floor and rides up at a rate of 57 floors a minute. At the same time Richard gets in a lift in the same building on the 51st floor at travels down at 63 floors a minute.

At which floor do their paths cross?

5.A mass of 3kg is placed on a smooth horizontal table. A light inextensible string connects it over a smooth peg to a 5kg mass which hangs vertically as shown. Find the tension (to 3sf) in the string if the system is released form rest. (g = 9.8ms )Build up question: no 6 Let y = the answer to build up question no 5 (NCE 8/15 April) Find the remainder when Ax 2- 7x + 2 is divided by 2x - 1, if A = y/20.

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