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Striking gold


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Bauma construction and mining plant exhibition, held every three years in Munich.From 29 March to 4 April as ever, among the thousands of exhibitors, are many of interest to the foundation industry.Over the next few pages European Foundations takes a look at just some of the new products on offer.

Atlas Copco One of the stars of the Atlas Copco stand will be the Rocket Boomer L2C computer controlled face drilling rig. Equipped with two booms and high frequency hydraulic rock drills, the machine is designed for blast hole drilling, installing MAI selfdrilling anchors or a variety of Swellex rock bolts.

A number of new rock reinforcement products will also be unveiled, including a hybrid bolt combining Swellex and MAI technology with bottom expansion, grouting and pre-tensioning.

Also on show will be the group's latest computer-based innovations, including a drill rig operator training simulator, training for rock drilling tools and ProCom, a satellite-based system enabling owners to keep track of rigs and production.

Bauer Maschinen Group Bauer Maschinen has just opened a separate manufacturing facility at Aresing, 5km south of its headquarters at Schrobenhausen.

The factory, bought from Dywidag, offers more space to speed up production and allows assembly under cover during bad weather. The Schrobenhausen works will now concentrate on maintenance and repair work, component fabrication and be home to the stores.

At Bauma, the firm will display its range of foundation plant, including heavy-duty rotary drilling rigs, diaphragm wall cutters, piling and diaphragm wall grabs, casing oscillators and water well drilling equipment.

Also on the stand will be MAT, exhibiting its range of products including continuous compact mixing plant for colloidal bentonite slurries.

Klemm Bohrtechnik, acquired in 1998, will show its range of ground anchor drilling equipment and RTG will be showcasing its RG19T vibratory piling equipment, fitted with a telescopic leader and capable of installing sheet piles up to 19m long.

Boart Longyear One of the highlights of Boart Longyear's stand for the construction industry will be the Deltabase 121 crawler drill rig.

This modified version of a basic machine is suitable for high pressure injection drilling and is capable of forming up to 20m deep columns. Also on show will be a variety of Ring-Percussion Bits and tools.

The drilling tools and equipment manufacturing group will also exhibit products from the Hardmaterials Group and Overburden Drilling Division for the mining, construction, quarrying, and exploration industries.

Bomag A product bonanza from Bomag sees nearly two thirds of the manufacturer's models at Bauma being brand new, including a range of single drum rollers.

The latest in compaction control technology will also be on view, including EVIB-Meter, which continuously measures dynamic soil stiffness;

Terrameter BTMplus or BTMprof which records dynamic soil stiffness as vibration modulus and displays it on a screen in the cab;

and the BCM05 Compaction Management System, used when surface covering dynamic compaction control or proof of the uniformity of compaction is required.

Casagrande A raft of new foundation machines will be on display at the Casagrande stand, including the C600, an 80t machine with a new design of parallelogram support;

the H40 rig capable of piling up to 2,500mm diameter piles to 60m depth and the B135 compact selferecting rig, which can also sink casings with its rotary head.

Also on show will be the 30t C14 minipiling rig with a double rotary head which can handle casing up to 500mm in diameter and the new 7t C4 crawler drill.

The group acquired German manufacturer Hutte in April 2002.

The firm will be showing its HBR 609 rig, along with the new HBR 503 highly compact and lightweight 6t anchor drilling rig and the 10t anchor drill machine HBR 504 with double rotary head.

Caterpillar Caterpillar will introduce its new compact radius, utility and swing-boom excavators at Bauma.

The new C-Series excavators share many common features with other Caterpillar excavators in the 7t to 14t weight class but benefit from additional features enabling them to work on sites where space is limited, such as urban construction and road maintenance projects. These types of rigs are in high demand, the firm says, with about half of all machines sold in the fast expanding 7/8t class now compact radius models like the 308C CR.

Controls Construction material test equipment manufacturer Controls will show its full range of testing rigs at Bauma. Among them will be Sercomp 7, the digital console for controlling hydraulic frames and automatic testing programmes.

The system can store up to 500 tests, producing print outs and reports. It can control traditional and complex tests, such as cyclical testing to determine the elastic modulus of a specimen.

Dawson Bauma will see Dawson Construction Plant's 1,000t Universal Pile Extractor revealed for the first time, in response to the growing demand for removal of temporary steel sheet piles at the end of contracts.

While attaching a pile vibrator on the pile top to a crane is effective for this, forces generated are sometimes sufficient to snap the pile or to lose grip with catastrophic results.

Dawson says its extractor offers a viable alternative. It sits on the ground and grips the piles, pulling them out of the ground using two 500t hydraulic cylinders acting together. Practically any steel pile profile can be extracted, without vibration and with increased safety.

Also on show in Munich will be Dawson's quiet and vibration-free push-pull pile pressing system, designed for installing and removing sheet pile walls, box piles and for working close to buildings.

Finally, the firm will launch the HPH4500 hydraulic piling hammer, able to pitch and drive steel sheet piles, tubular piles, H-piles, timber or concrete piles.

EGT Italian drilling equipment manufacturer EGT will display all of its three main ranges, based around modular construction with interchangeable units. The MD line is for micropiling, soil investigation, anchors, drainage, nailing and jet grouting; the VD line is for drilling up to 35m for site investigation, micropiles, anchors, nailing and jet grouting; while the HD line is for trenchless applications up to 2km long.

Eurodrill Eurodrill, part of the Bauer Group since 2001, will have its own stand to show off the latest innovations in its hydraulic drifters. The HD2004 is designed for rigs in the 2t to 6t range. The high torque drifter has 25% more power, despite its lightweight design.

Fraste Fraste will be celebrating its 40th anniversary at Bauma. The firm, which has just moved into new bigger premises in Nogara, is also using the show to announce its foray into the foundation equipment market, with the launch of the MITO series.

First off the production line is the medium size MITO 40, suitable for, among other things, anchoring, tie bar installation, ground consolidation, and rotary drilling. A variety of heads are available for air/mud rotary drilling, coring, and percussion drilling with a drifter. The turntable-mounted articulated mast allows a large amount of movement to get into the tightest spots.

Grindex Grindex has launched the slimline Grindex Tubo electrical submersible drainage pump for restricted access and wellpoint applications. The standard Tubo has a maximum head of 19m but the high pressure version increases the maximum height to over 35m. The firm says this, combined with a maximum submersion depth of 20m and a diameter of just 185mm, make the Tubo suitable for use in wellpointing applications, soft, sandy ground and other demanding situations.

Hitachi Two of Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe's largest machines, the EX1900 and 250t SCX2500 crane will be on show.

And a simulator will offer visitors the chance to experience what it is like to operate the firm's largest dumptruck, the EH5000.

A new generation of excavators, cranes and dumptrucks are launched this year, with improved performance, cost efficiency and reliability. Four models will be unveiled at Bauma - the ZAXIS 130, the ZAXIS 250, the EH750 and the SCX900.

Leica Geosystems Leica Geosystems will be showing its range of machine automation systems, from a simple laser receiver for excavators and small 1D/2D machine control systems up to GPS or Total Station 3D guided machine automation.

A new universal control unit will be launched at the show. At its heart is a display panel and operator control system linked to whatever instruments are being used.

Liebherr Liebherr will be showing its new LRB125 foundation rig at Bauma.

Extending the lower end of the company's foundation machine range, the 40t rig is suitable for driving sheet-pile walls, girders, pipes and displacement piles, as well as for rotary bored piles.

More than 70 exhibits will be on view on the 10,000m 2stand, including hydraulic excavators, mining trucks, crawler tractors and loaders, pipe layers, wheel loaders, crawler cranes, piling and drilling rigs, mobile cranes, tower cranes, concrete mixing plant and truck mixers.

One of the highlights is sure to be the T282 mining truck, on show for the first time. At 7.4m high, 8.8m wide and 14.5m long, this is the largest two-axle mining truck in the world, capable of carrying over 360t.

Padley & Venables Padley & Venables will be displaying its latest range of rock drilling tools. These will include the latest designs of tungsten-carbide tipped drill bits for arduous drilling conditions, with a range of button, X and cross head configurations; straight hole drilling equipment and tunnelling and drifting tools and rods.

Panien Panien has its own stand for the first time at this year's Bauma.

The French manufacturer will be showcasing the Challenger 460, its first soil stabiliser. The 24t machine can stabilise ground in 2,450mm widths to a maximum depth of 540mm and will be followed later this year by launch of the Challenger 160 and Challenger 360. Details of these and the firm's lime spreading equipment and trailers will be available at the show.

Putzmeister The latest developments in truckmounted concrete pumps and placing booms, stationary concrete pumps and concrete wet spray systems will be on view at Putzmeister's stand. Of particular interest to the foundation industry will be the crawler mounted BSA1005-D a compact and all-terrain concrete pump.

The machine is designed for placing concrete in bored piles and for concrete pours in inaccessible terrain.

The SIKA-PM500 P wet shotcrete spray system will also be revealed. The result of a joint venture between Putzmeister and SIKA, the rig is designed mainly for tunnel and underground construction and for spraying on high slopes.

Sandvik Sandvik Mining & Construction firms will be presenting a range of innovations at Bauma.

Rammer has expanded its modular-design hammer product line with the m14 model. And from Sandvik MC Tools comes the GT60 60mm drilling tool system for heavy duty hydraulic top hammers. The system can be fitted to the Tamrock Pantera Rock Pilot drilling rig, which will also be on display.

Mission will be launching two hammers, the Mission 30 and Mission 85. The hammers use mirror impact technology offering improved efficiency and increased penetration. Mission will also show Tubex, a combination of drill steel and bit for overburden drilling.

Tamrock On the Tamrock stand will be the latest version of its Axera D06, compact twin-boom mining jumbo. The upgrade is the result of customer feedback, with increased ground clearance, more powerful engine and improved drilling performance. The machine is designed for mining and for small diameter tunnels such as for water transfer.

The firm will also unveil a new rock drill for tunnelling and drifting. Under wraps until the show, the company says the new tool is faster and has already proved itself in a variety of rock conditions.

Tamrock Surface's display will include its Hole Checker borehole measuring system. The detailed information the system provides eases planning, lowers costs and 'significantly' improves drill and blast safety and quality, the company says.

ThyssenKrupp ThyssenKrupp Bautechnik will be launching what it claims is the world's largest variable vibrator, the MS-62 HV. Designed for vibration-sensitive projects, the 9.8t unit can be used lead mounted or independently and can also drive up to 1.5m diameter piles without an intermediate plate.

Amplitude and frequency can be adjusted to match ground conditions and the vibrator is resonance-free, without vibration peaks at start-up or shut-off.

Also on show will be the Titan pile, which has recently been granted approval by the Deutsche Institut fur Bautechnik (German institute for technical approvals).

The anchor system uses the load carrying steel as the drill rod, inserted without casing, before being grouted up. The latest version is the Titan 73/45 pile capable of supporting a working load of 675kN.

Other launches include the ABI Mobilram TM20/25 telescopic mast for driving, extracting, drilling and pressing sheet piles;

and a range of sheet piles developed by HSP Hoesch Spundwand und Profil Peiner Trager.

Tracto-Technik New products from trenchless technology equipment manufacturer Tracto-Technik include the Grundopit Compact mini-bore unit. Operated by remote control, it is designed for work on restricted access sites such as installing connections between houses and the mains supply.

The steerable system Grundopit S is also carving a niche installing increasingly popular broadband fibre optic cable connections to homes. The steerable drill is able to run cables in from inside manholes and house cellars for up to 50m, avoiding existing services.

Tracto-Technik has also joined forces with cable plough manufacturer Fockersperger aimed at open terrain work.

Vermeer Among Vermeer products on show at Bauma is the T1255 Commander trencher with terrain-leveller attachment, originally designed for surface mining, but which is proving useful on a range of other applications, including soil mixing and remediation, rock excavation, concrete removal, and road construction.

The machine uses large, hydrostatically controlled cutting drums to cut rock in 3.7m strips up to 760mm deep.

Launched towards the end of last year, the D300x500 Navigator horizontal direction drill is designed for large utility work. It produces nearly 68kNm of torque and just over 136,000kg of thrust and pullback. All functions, including transport, drilling, the rod loading crane and drilling fluid control are operated from the operator's station.

Vibromax Vibromax will unveil its VM Single Drum compaction range at Bauma. The machines are designed for a variety of compaction tasks, ground conditions and sites and have two amplitudes and frequencies to cope with a range of soil conditions.

The firm says the machines are much more efficient than previous generations, which means compaction is more cost effective.

Wirtgen Wirtgen Group is presenting over a dozen innovations at Bauma. Its three companies, Wirtgen, Joseph Vogele and Hamm, will have 70 machines on display on the group's 8,000m 2stand.

Wirtgen will be showing its next generation of small milling machines and new products for cold recycling and slipform paving, Vogele its range of road pavers and Hamm its compaction equipment, including the Compaction Navigator, a GPSbased measuring system.

Wirth As well as its range of tunnelling equipment, of particular interest to foundation contractors on the Wirth stand will be its new AutoDriller system.

Wirth has sold over 400 reverse circulation drill rigs worldwide, designed to drill large diameter piles between 0.7m and 3m in diameter to depths of 200m. The Auto-Driller system is designed for these machines, automatically maintaining drilling parameters such as torque, speed and the load on the drill bit.

Other data such as total and actual depth, start/finish time and drilling speed are displayed in real time on a control panel in the rig's cab. A GSM module allows information to be sent to remote locations such as the project manager's office or company head office.

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