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Roger Colton

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Comments (9)

  • Comment on: Female quotas: Call for government involvement

    Roger Colton's comment 9 October, 2015 4:57 pm

    Quotas are discriminatory. Why should any employer have to accept a second rate workforce, if you're good enough you get the job whether you are male or female.!

    Roger Colton

  • Comment on: Sections of Thames Garden Bridge will be shipped from Italy

    Roger Colton's comment 29 May, 2015 1:31 pm

    This is a disgraceful way to spend taxpayers money. Only in London could this over expensive structure be built paid for by the majority for the benefit of the minority.
    Bring on the northern powerhouse!!
    Roger Colton

  • Comment on: NCE readers poll questions government plans to build high speed rail route

    Roger Colton's comment 3 June, 2014 8:36 pm

    Downgrading the speed to a more flexible alignment for a classic compatible railway will only mean a different group of objectors. Why have a new railway route to deliver required future capacity that cannot also deliver high speed? A two track compatible railway at current line speed will not deliver capacity so we will need to have 2 separate north-south routes and twice the objectors more environmental impact and disruption.
    Once again Britain shies away from embracing the future and pretty soon the lights will go out, we will run short of hospital beds and then we can all retire to the caves. It is disappointing that civil engineers seem to be at the forefront of negative development.
    Roger Colton

  • Comment on: NCE Live News Updates Tuesday 11 February: More rain; more floods; more disruption as Britain "reaps the worldwind"

    Roger Colton's comment 11 February, 2014 7:46 pm

    Thankfully the former Chief Scientific Adviser is former. Britain has done more than most of the industrialised nations to address its part in the "climate change" debate. John Redwood is correct in his challenge to China and India and in this you can include the US. If Britain doubled or trebled its response to the so called "climate change" issue it would make not an iota of difference to what is currently happening in our weather system.
    Even the experts can't agree and one Australian professor said yesterday that this weather pattern was not related to climate change.
    Roger Colton (Fellow)

  • Comment on: Engineers say £118M Wear bridge is waste of public money

    Roger Colton's comment 17 May, 2012 4:12 pm

    We don't design and build bridges just to show that we can. Ny fool can do that. We do it for a purpose and to complement the landscape and/or it's surroundings. It is an extremely rare example that a bridge structure by itself in a mundane setting can influence future development and without a robust probability that this bridge will achieve that purpose then it fits into the architects inflated ego category and an extreme waste of public funds.
    Roger Colton

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