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Raghuraj Pandya

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Comments (3)

  • Comment on: Crossrail 2 'could add £100bn to the UK economy'

    Raghuraj Pandya's comment 29 September, 2015 1:26 pm

    Support Crossrail 2 and it being one of London's best solutions for infrastructure capacity augmentation. Just connecting Wimbledon--Tooting Broadway---Clapham Junc---Victoria would reap tremendous benefits.

    But the cost estimates seem to be consistently moving up from 12bn-20bn- London First; 24bn odd PwC and now 32bn from KPMG.... all of which including for contingencies.. Curious to see how they compare to a base model.

  • Comment on: Students shun degrees in civil engineering

    Raghuraj Pandya's comment 20 July, 2012 11:46 am

    Market is largely driven by demand-supply esp. in Capitalist society we live in...
    If Investment banking pays £38k for a start and civil engineering £38k post 6-8 years exp. surely one would choose the former, as some of the number crunching/ management/ people skills we do as Civil Engineers is far more demanding...
    The question we need to ask where does the law/finance/medical/IT industry get the money to pay the professionals! Higher Margins, Higher Demand, Better Productivity, Entry Barriers, Scandals, etc.

    Other way to look at this is... market in itself is good in finding equilibrium.. reduced grads implies .... pressure to increase productivity, pressure to increase pays, increased mechanisation (not sure if it helps in all aspects), etc....

    From personal perspective it is imperative that the industry does look into the low pay rates not only for grads but also senior individuals in the industry... eg. Crossrail is a £16-17bn job and has a few director level individuals, while a smallest hedge fund is similar ball park with 1-2 director level manager.

    What is it we are doing wrong or we are correct and other professions are in a bubble!

  • Comment on: Localism in transport sounds death knell for major schemes

    Raghuraj Pandya's comment 20 February, 2012 3:58 pm

    This might help Highways and Transport sector, but surely would impare Tunnelling or other high capital projects as mentioned in the note.
    But in lines few other governements, LEPs in addition to Central Transport Authority would help increase localised inputs, yet still holding the part of the purse for big ticket projects with longer term benefits.... This will make the small project stakeholders calmer while investment continues in futuristic big ticket projects which are not profitable with short sighted approach but key to the growth of the society.