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R Annett

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Snr Struct Eng


Richard has 31 years of experience in consulting engineering services in a wide variety of structural and civil projects in the UK and overseas. His primary role is in structural engineering and he has worked on the full spectrum of building types using the usual building materials of timber, masonry, steel, insitu and precast concrete.
This experience was built on a foundation of a Bachelor Degree with honours in Civil Engineering and, more recently, a Master’s in Science Degree in Engineering Management.
Working experience has been obtained in surveying existing buildings, designing around old buildings, renovating buildings and façade retention to change of use of existing buildings. His experience includes a number of public buildings; concert halls, several sports centres, schools, hospitals, clinics, libraries, town halls, multi-storey car parks and places of worship.
In addition, his design experience includes industrial and chemical plants; designing supports and access

Recent activity

Comments (51)

  • Comment on: Scots firms miss out on lucrative UK offshore wind jobs

    R Annett's comment 11 March, 2019 11:53 pm

    Perhaps with Brexit we can change the tender rules and favour UK companies. Right now, I guess, clients have to tender contracts over a certain value threshold in accordance with EU regs.
    Of course that could mean UK companies may be out of favour on EU projects if reciprocal 'local' tendering rules come into effect.

  • Comment on: Wylfa negotiations continue as Welsh secretary heads to Japan

    R Annett's comment 21 February, 2019 9:23 pm

    9,000 jobs for a few years and then back to 20 or 30. Is it worth it? Then after 30 or 40 years and 10bn$ later the thing will need to be taken apart. And then for the next 20,000 generations the nuclear fuel will need to be looked after. Not worth it. Why doesn't the welsh secretary go chasing funding for the barrage. long lasting infrastructure and less of a problem to decommission. It provides flood protection for rising sea levels and a good base load power generation. Its insurable too and can be all designed and built by UK engineering companies. So many pluses compared to so many negatives for nuclear power.

  • Comment on: World’s largest offshore windfarm set to power UK this week

    R Annett's comment 15 February, 2019 9:38 pm

    Well done to Danish developer Ørsted in putting this together. I hope one day Dogger Bank will dwarf this one!
    Shame we had no capital cost associated with this. Curious as to how it compares to the program and costs of Hinckley C.

  • Comment on: Government works up revised Wylfa nuclear funding plan

    R Annett's comment 1 February, 2019 0:10 am

    This revised funding plan needs to fail if the UK is to stay away from the most repugnant form of energy generation created by man.
    Why anyone would invest in an uninsurable asset is beyond me.
    If I had my way I'd store all the nuclear waste under the tory offices.

  • Comment on: Wylfa engineer makes case for £20bn ‘boring’ nuclear project

    R Annett's comment 15 January, 2019 9:36 pm

    Mark Lunn; does that 20bn include decommissioning costs and storing nuclear waste for 200,000?
    I guess I know the answer and I know you wont be around after the damage has been done. perhaps we should leave the waste with your family for the next 10,000generations to look after? Are they up for the task?
    To me working on such projects is morally reprehensible. The ICE doesn't have morals or ethics on such things as long term waste generation, so they are not going to say anything. I just hope you manage to grow a conscience.
    Not happy with any of these nukes being constructed or that are in planning. They need to be banned.

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