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Neil Doyle


  • Upwardly mobileSubscription

    1 July, 2000Updated: 19 February, 2009

    A revolution is on the way Neil Doyle forecasts, but it will be taking place in your pocket, handbag or or briefcase with the advent of new communications technology

  • Brave new world is nighSubscription

    15 June, 2000Updated: 19 February, 2009

    The world is about to be gripped by a wild stampede for consumer electronics on a biblical scale. Contrary to the wishful thinking of Old Economy doom-mongers, the internet bubble is not going to burst. It is in the process of being pumped up to become a monstrous Zeppelin that will dominate the skies and block out the sun.

  • Confidence buildingSubscription

    2 September, 1999Updated: 19 February, 2009

    KOREA; The South Korean economy may still be on shaky legs but the country's construction industry is building for a booming future. Neil Doyle reports from the start of Seoul's enormous new airport which will be able to handle 100M passengers a year.

  • Profile Wu-Hyeon Lee Head of South Korea's first high speed rail line.Subscription

    2 September, 1999Updated: 19 February, 2009


  • Site clearance hampers Korean bridge collapse investigationSubscription

    19 August, 1999Updated: 19 February, 2009


  • Highway high spotSubscription

    15 July, 1999Updated: 19 February, 2009

    Highways maintenance contractor Ringway has had a good year, says Neil Doyle.

  • Some you win, some you loseSubscription

    24 June, 1999Updated: 19 February, 2009

    News that Railtrack has snapped up the sub surface lines deal has received a mixed reaction from those it would have had to compete with.

  • Tarmac sets course for contractorsSubscription

    24 June, 1999Updated: 19 February, 2009


  • Tube links may hinder transport integrationSubscription

    24 June, 1999Updated: 19 February, 2009

    RAILTRACK'S PROPOSAL to link London Underground's subsurface lines with the national rail network could lead to further fragmentation of transport in the capital rather than greater integration, it was claimed this week.

  • Driving seatSubscription

    17 June, 1999Updated: 19 February, 2009

    Municipal engineers have been thrust to the fore by the Government's integrated transport White Paper. Neil Doyle looks at the challenges facing them ahead of next week's Association of Municipal Engineers conference.