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The world's biggest construction and mining plant show gets under way in Munich this spring. Yes, it is Bauma time again and from 23 to 29 April the event's organiser expects about 3000 exhibitors from almost 50 countries to descend on the city. Bigger than last time, the exhibition area will be 540,000m 2, up almost 10% from the 500,000m 2 of 2004. EF takes a look at some of the products that will be on show.

ABI Group ABI Group is a merger of three brands. ABI makes telescopic and fixed leader masts and attachments, such as vibrators, auger drives and press systems.

Banut has fixed leader masts and hydraulic impact hammers, while Delmag produces drilling rigs and diesel pile hammers.

On the stand will be GeoDrill, a kelly drilling machine from ABI, designed for working under limited headroom conditions. The low working height together with the long reach of the attachment allows working in buildings, underneath bridges or power lines and along railway tracks.

GeoDrill is for uncased drilling in uncollapsing soils.

It is an excavator attachment, which is mounted to the stick boom and can be attached to almost any hydraulic excavator with sufficient engine power and stability. Its design and relatively low transport weight and compact transport dimensions aid manoeuvrability on sites to places with restricted access.

The ABI Mobilram 18/22 HD (heavy duty) features strengthened kinematics and reinforced mast design. These give a high bending and torque strength as well as a 12t capacity, important for pile driving works needing heavy attachments. The torque absorption is 12,000daNm and the usable length is about 22m, depending on attachment.

The brand new 570kW, SR 50 T carrier has a CAT engine C18 Acert that fulfils the EC Exhaust Directive Level IIIa. The chassis has a telescopic undercarriage with maintenance free track chains and a 540kN pulling force.

The carrier allows the use of new adjustable vibrators MRZV 30V and 36V with resonance free starting and stopping behaviour for piling of heavy profi les up to 8t within urban areas.

ABI will also present its new series of adjustable vibrators in three categories. The light one features the models MRZV 10V and 12V, the middle has M R ZV 16V, 18V and 2 0V, as well as the heavy series with the MRZV 30V and 36V vibrators.

These only came about with the development of the new 570kW carrier. ABI claims that the new vibrators mean increased piling depths in more difficult geology.

Another machine is the new universal Hydro-Press-System HPZ 500-720. ABI says that no other system can press so many profile types. With the HPZ 500720 nearly all common Z-profiles with section widths from 500mm to 720mm can be pitched. The Hydro-Press-System HPZ 500-720 for hotrolled Z-profiles is equipped with four clamp assemblies that have a pressing force of 800kN and an extraction of 600kN per clamp. The stroke is 400mm.

ABI will show its Twinmix auger drive TMBA as an attachment for the Mobilram System. The TMBA can install two mixed columns at the same time. The auger drive is used for mixed piles, diaphragm pile walls, soil improvement and consolidation. It is adjustable for 370mm, 460mm, 520mm and 720mm diameters.

Among the Banut products will be its new 655 fixed leader mast with hydraulic impact hammer rig that is a redesigned 650. The new model has a usable length of about 20m, a higher torque absorption and improved kinematics.

Centre stage for Delmag will be its new RH 16W drilling rig, a development of the RH 14W.

This can be transported with rotary head and kelly bar, reducing set up times. It will also be showing its RH 28W, the follow up model of the RH 26W designed on the carrier SR 48 BT with CAT C9, 261kW engine.

Allu-Ideachip Allu will be showcasing its latest mass soil stabilisation mixing equipment as well as screeners and crushers. The Finnishbased company is becoming increasingly known for its Power Mix. This increases the strength and dynamic stiffness of soft soil, improves deformation properties and can used to remediate contaminated soil.

It can work with materials such as clay, peat, sludge, mud and contaminated soil. The mixing effectiveness is based on the intelligent horizontal positioning of the drums and unique construction of the mixing elements.

The drums move and mix material in a controlled way in three different directions simultaneously.

The company can be found at stands B3.234 and N914.

Atlas Copco The Rocket Boomer XE3 is the first face drilling rig in the new Atlas Copco E Series with raisable boom console, enabling coverage of tunnel cross sections up to 206m 2 from a single set-up.

The heavy duty, BUT 45 booms offer stability and more accurate hole positioning. A new rod handling system (RHS) will be offered as an option for the mechanized handling of drill rods or self-drilling anchors. The rig can be offered with various COP rock drills.

A variety of rock drilling tools for different applications will be on display, among them the Secoroc Magnum SR system and the new Epsilon range of rotary bits.

Magnum SR is a universal tool for drifting and tunnelling, and the extended range is designed for underground drilling for blasting, bolting, grouting and reaming. Atlas Copco will use the exhibition to launch a new bolt concept to maintain continuous, high load capacity during the process of rock deformation.

A patented control mechanism allows the bolt length to adapt to the movement of the rock, absorbing the energy and allowing the bolt to keep the rock in place.

Now Atlas Copco has launched its third-generation casing drilling system. On the stand will be the ODEX GE, designed for both shallow well casing and micro-piling in unstable ground conditions. The new design eliminates the thread on the pilot bit and incorporates a reamer with greater swing angle. The company claims it drills faster and is more reliable, increasing productivity and reducing drilling costs.

The latest product in Atlas Copco's efforts to improve efficiency and quality in grouting operations is the new LOGAC G5 monitoring unit with an alpha-numerical display. The new unit enables the parameter of each grouting hole to be tracked and checked.

Bauer Maschinen The Bauer brand also includes Klemm, RTG and Eurodrill.

Between these are a wide range of machines that will be making it to Munich.

New at Bauma will be the Bauer diaphragm wall cutter CBC 32, which is a further development in the compact cutter series. It consists of the established BC 32 cut ter equipped with a newly designed hose winch system (HWS) for its hydraulic power supply. The cutter is suspended on a carrier chain band comprising two hoist ropes and the hydraulic hoses. Spooling the carrier chain band on and off the winch drum moves the cutter vertically up and down.

The unit is mounted on a base carrier suited for restricted sites for a cutter depth of 75m.

Also on display and fresh from the Chinese Bauer plant is the new BG 25 C mounted on an original Bauer BT 60 base carrier.

This is a simplified version of the drilling rig that the manufacturer says makes it more cost-effective.

The new telescopic crowd cylinder allows the installation of 9m long drill casings.

Klemm will be taking its anchor drill rig KR 800-1. The rig can be used for self-bore anchors, blasthole drilling, bulk filling boreholes, dewatering boreholes and soil nailing. It can work in drill hole locations at heights of up to 3m and weighs 5.8t.

RTG will be showing off for the first time its RG 25 S, a rig with a fixed leader for a new generation of vibrators. This multi-purpose rig has the capacity for 250kNm torque and a 530kN extraction force. The rig can carry out a number of different processes. It can vibrate up to 25m long sheet piles into the ground, install piles with the VdW double rotary drilling system, carry out soil mixing with the CSM process and with MIP using the triple auger system. It can also install soil displacement piles and drill.

Eurodrill says its hydraulic drifter HD2004 offers a new class of drifters. The HD2004 has been developed for rigs with operating weights ranging from 2t to 6t. The firm claims that low weight and high torque result in production outputs not previously possible in this class of rig.

Also on display will be its compact double-head drilling unit for geothermal boreholes.

The Eurodrill CDH800 is the smallest CDH system in the company's product range. With this development Eurodrill has combined and integrated two standard heads in a single CDH drilling unit. The drill head for the outer tube is a Eurodrill RH800 with a torque of 9000Nm while a Eurodrill RH400 with a torque of 4400Nm drives the inner tube. With a length of less than 1m it can be deployed in restricted site conditions.

Bomag In the outdoor area of its exhibition stand, Bomag will exhibit the complete range of reversible vibratory plates from its compact equipment range. This is rounded off by four new machines at both the lower and upper end, and now covers machines from weight classes 100kg to 750kg.

All machines are available with Bomag Economizer, a system that displays the immediate compaction progress in real time, advancing the use of vibratory plates.

Bauma 2007 has also been chosen for the world premiere of the new 7t pivot-steered tandem roller, a compact, exible and manoeuvrable roller for small to medium-size construction sites. It will also premiere a spectacular study of a 36t single drum roller with polygonal drum - the heaviest single drum roller ever built. The company claims this is capable of construction cost savings of 20% to 40% due to its considerably higher depth effect and compaction power.

Bomag will show for the first time a family of machines designed especially for refuse and soil compaction in the 20t to 25t range. These compact units have been designed for landll sites with a low volume of refuse or for small building sites in earth construction.

Casagrande The star of the Casagrande stand will be a flagship new rig that the company claims will be among the strongest and biggest equipment for diaphragm walling in its class. Although Casagrande is playing its cards close to its chest, it says the machine will weigh 140t and be able to perform deep excavations.

Other products displayed at Bauma 2007 will include its B135, B170 CFA and B180 HD piling rigs as well as its C7 micropile and anchor drill. In addition to these will be the HBR 605 and HBR 609 anchor drills and the HBR 205 GT geothermal drill.


New excavators making an appearance in Munich include the 319DL , 320D and 323D models.

As well as these, Caterpillar will show off its recently launched 953D track type loader, M318D and M330D material handlers, 906H, 907H and 908H compact wheel loaders, 256C skid-steer loader and the 297C multi-terrain terrain loader.


The development of electroniccontrolled Tier III engines has seen Case introduce its CX210B hydraulic excavator, the first in a series designed around the new engine technology.

The all new machine weighs 21.5t and Case says it offers more power for less fuel. It features an Isuzu 4HK 1X electronic, common rail, four-stroke turbocharged 5.2l diesel engine.

Visitors to the stand may be surprised to learn that the new engine is only a four-cylinder compared with the six cylinders of the previous models. Case claims that increased efficiency has made it possible to downsize the engine making it more fuel efficient.

Excadrill The company will exhibit its new Excadrill, which is the Finnish firm's version of the new generation of excavator-mounted drills that are starting to appear.

The concept replaces traditional drilling rigs on certain projects and has the drilling attachment mounted on an excavator's boom.

The boom offers a wider drilling radius than a normal drilling rig.

Its system is equipped with the Autodrill automatic control device so the operator does not need any specialist training for drilling.

There are four models in the ExcaDrill range. At Bauma, the company will display two of these four models, which are the ExcaDrill 22A, the smallest in the range, and the ExcaDrill 45A, which is the largest. The 22A is mounted on a small excavator while the 45A will be demonstrated without an excavator.

The 22A is designed for compact drilling in confined spaces, such as streets and roads, canals and tunnels.

It can be mounted on small excavators from 7t onwards.

The company says that the 45A is the largest and most versatile in the series and can be used in production drilling, quarrying, anchoring and pile drilling, and also in underground applications such as bolting. The 45A requires an excavator of 30t or more.

Herrenknecht Herrenknecht holds the world record for the biggest TBMs (tunnel boring machines), the mammoth 15.4m diameter units that will tunnel under the Yangtze River for the Shanghai Tunnel.

While it would be difficult to show giant TBMs at Bauma, the German company will demonstrate its project solutions such as tunnel refurbishment for railway and road tunnels. These include using a water jet cleaning rig to remove old inner tunnel shells, reinforcement trailers and fire-protection coating trailers.

Hitachi A raft of both wheeled and crawler excavators will be on display at this stand. The new generation of Hitachi Zaxis-3 wheeled excavators has arrived in Europe. Among them the wheeled ZX140W-3, ZX170W3, ZX190W-3 and ZX210W-3 models will be unveiled to the public for the first time.

The new wheeled excavators have many of the technological features of the crawler equivalents that were launched at Intermat in Paris 12 months ago. They include a new e-mode to make them stage III emission compliant.

JCB JCB is launching a new series of JS Auto tracked and wheeled excavators. Featuring Tier IIIcompliant engines, the 11 new tracked and four new wheeled models range from 14t to 26t.

JCB says that the new machines feature up to 25% increase in power, up to 27% increase in torque, approaching a 12% decrease in fuel consumption and a five dBA improvement in engine noise. They will also sport a new satellite tracking system to combat plant theft.

Liebherr Liebherr will present more than 75 exhibits at Bauma 2007 from all areas of its construction machinery range. It claims this will make it the largest stand at the fair with an area of more than 13,000m 2.The list of exhibits includes 12 mobile cranes, five crawler cranes, seven wheeled excavators, 11 crawler excavators, six batching and recycling plants, one brand new large Liebherr dump truck and - a first for an international trade fair - three models from the new series of telescopic handlers. The show will also see a 250t hydraulic excavator.

In addition, Liebherr will exhibit machinery for tunnel and pipeline construction.

Panien Two of the soil stabilisers on the Panien stand will be the Challenger 160 and Challenger 260. The 160 is a stabiliser/ recycler with integrated spreader and comes equipped with a Cummins Tier III, 400hp engine.

It features a 10m 3 binder tank and manages a delivery rate from 3kg/m 2 to 60 kg/m 2. It has a 2.15m mixing width and a working depth of 400mm.

The 260 also has a Cummins Tier III engine, but produces 520hp and can operate at a deeper working depth of 540mm. The 260 can also come with optional foam bitumen injection.

Putzmeister Among its product range Putzmeister will highlight a truck-mounted concrete pump for pumping and wet spraying concrete. Putzmeister will present the BSF 24.11 SA multifunctional device, which is aimed at contractors that are not ready to invest in an additional wet spraying unit for occasional sprayed concrete work. The machine can pump, distribute and wet spray concrete. It is a standard truck-mounted unit with a four-arm placing boom for working heights up to 24m and DN100 delivery line.

Putzmeister believes that the BSF 24.11 SA will typically be used for concrete spraying for slope reinforcement, securing river banks and, to a limited extent, tunnel excavation.

Tunnellers may also be interested in the company's concrete pumps mounted on a truck or trailer chassis with a placing boom whose working arm and attached TWISTIP unit allows axial rotations to connect to tunnel formwork supports.

Sandvik Sandvik will introduce a new surface drilling rig with an information centre for rock excavation process optimization that gathers information on drilling processes. Selfdiagnostics in the machine provides a tool for maintenance schedule planning and the rig is also ready for remote access.

Sandvik is also developing a new training concept that, it claims, will fundamentally change operator training in rock excavation. The company will introduce a drilling simulator that is a key element in the concept.

Sandvik will also show the new range of high-pressure water-expandable rock bolts.

Called RX300, the bolts are accompanied with accessories such as electric, hydraulic and pneumatic high-pressure water pumps, installation arms and load testers to aid roof bolting.

In addition, a new member in Sandvik's i-series jumbos will be presented at the show.

Sany Heavy Industries Chinese manufacturer Sany is increasing its European presence and has plans to open an assembly plant in Germany. At Bauma it will be showing a wide range of plant including two rotary drilling rigs, seven concrete pumps, four excavators, two motor graders, an asphalt paver and a crane.

Sennebogen Maschinenfabrik The Sennebogen 4400 Star-Lifter will represent the range of crawler cranes at Bauma 2007. The 52.3m main boom and 46.7m y boom mean the 140t crane should be visible from some distance.

Another machine showcased in Munich will be the 650 HD rope excavator with its 28m guide poles and Delmag diesel hammer that can be used with this setup as a pile driver for stakes.

Various pile attachments and options such as a guide pole lowering system and guide pole inclination add exibility during operation. As is it easy to unbolt the pile driver's guide poles, the 650 HD can be used universally as a crane without restrictions.

Sika Tunnelling and Mining Sika is excited about its new product that will be launched in April. So new that it does not yet have a full name, the concrete spraying system Sika-PM5XXX PCDE is for sprayed concrete application in large cross sections and on high slopes.

The modular construction allows flexibility in areas such as working range and pumping performance.

Sika says that controlling complex functions through a novel control system means the nozzle man is master of all processes.

Vermeer Manufacturing Company Verneer will be showing its RATT drill head tool designed for the company's Navigator horizontal directional drills, models D18x22 up to D36x50 Series II. The RATT has the capability to drill and steer in most soil conditions - soft soil, gravel, cobblestone and solid rock.

Also in display will be the mid-size D36x50 Series II Navigator HDD, which has a rack and pinion design with 6779Nm of torque and 16.3t of pullback. Other key features include an advanced operator's station, stationary stakedown system and 3m and 4.5m sections of Firestick II drill stem.

The stand will show off the Vermeer and McLaughlin V250, a lower-cost vacuum excavator suited for locating utilities. The unit is capable of retrieving both wet and dry spoil, and incorporates many of the standard features of larger vacuum excavation and remediation units. A 25hp (18.6kW) Kubota diesel engine powers the 946l unit and a threestage ltration system eliminates cumbersome draining and cleaning of a full-size bag house with multiple expensive lters.

Visitors can see the Terrain Leveller Surface Excavation attachment designed specically for site preparation and excavation, surface mining, road construction and soil remediation. The attachment can dig up to 686mm deep and 3.7m wide in one pass and uses a patented tilting head with top down cutting action for efciency and deeper tooth penetration.

Wirtgen Group Wirtgen Group comprises Hamm, Vogele and Wirtgen. Wirtgen will be taking visitors through its new generation of cold milling machines, including the W 100 F. This will have a standard working width of between 1m and 1.3m and a front-loading system.

The W 100 F has been nominated for the Bauma Innovation Award given by the German construction industry in the New development machine category.

The new W 100 F will supersede the W 1000 F - comprising a total of 15 models. The entire new 1m class will be on view at Bauma with four newly developed machines: W 100; W 100 F; W 120 F; and W 130 F.

The engine of the new W 100 F is a six-cylinder turbo diesel engine from Cummins with a nominal output of 209 kW/285PS. Thanks to the elastically sprung mounting, the engine is quieter and this also reduces vibrations for the driver.

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