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James MacColl


  • James Macoll

    Road spending spree masks unimaginitive transport policySubscription

    28 July, 2014

    Ministers have proclaimed the first round of the £2bn Local Growth Fund as the centrepiece of a new decentralised approach. But many of the projects receiving money are reheated old schemes which central Government ditched over 20 years ago in the face of widespread public opposition.

  • James Macoll

    Mind the rail infrastructure funding gapSubscription

    19 June, 2014

    Plans for rail franchises in the north of England show a big north-south divide in infrastructure ambitions. Government needs to act to close the gap and make sure northern rail services get the investment they need.

  • James Macoll

    Stone age thinking for zombie roadsSubscription

    6 May, 2014Comments (1)

    When asked why the Great Depression had changed his mind about monetary policy, John Maynard Keynes famously said that when the facts changed, he altered his conclusions. In contrast, when governments and politicians are presented with results that do not fit with their current thinking, they doubt the facts and generally set about trying to change them.

  • James Macoll

    Road will always win over railSubscription

    2 April, 2014

    Shedding light on how local and national government favours road over rail.

  • James Macoll

    Transport: The government is hell bent on creating more traffic, despite dirty air for those living near busy roadsSubscription

    3 March, 2014Comments (1)

    Plans for hard shoulder running on congested sections of motorway have shone a light on dangerously poor air quality that those living near busy roads routinely face. Rather than planning for a massive increase in cars, the Government needs to clean up its act and protect communities from dirty air.

  • James Macoll

    New roads are not the only solution to our transport needsSubscription

    6 February, 2014Comments (1)

    The Government is keen to make road-building a core part of its plans to stimulate economic growth. They are, however, finding it difficult to get very much built. There are good reasons for this.