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David Williams

David Williams

Weymouth, Dorset

-- ceased time employment 2017-12-08


Hydraulics Research Station,Wallingford
Great Ouse River Authority, Cambridge
Sir William Halcrow & Partners, Swindon
ASM PT Weymouth,
Principal skills: Developing Engineering and Commercial software and doing all things practical. Now that I am no longer in full time employment I particularly like working with Sketchup.

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Comments (22)

  • Comment on: Brexit | Industry response to historic vote

    David Williams's comment 2 July, 2016 12:09 pm

    What we have done to our children is despicible. We ignored what we knew was their wish and for that we should be ashamed. But shame is a terrible burden and will become corrosive if prolongued. The referendum has divided us. We cannot afford to hand it a second victory by allowing it to promote despair. The campaign was a scam for which we all fell. Everything we heard only reinforced our pre-existing attitudes. So, time to admit shame, time to apologise to our children, and time to work out how we are going to cope with a country that is now totally different to what it was a little over a week ago.

    And the next time you see your 'out' MP, just tell them that, actually, they lost.

  • Comment on: Comment | Time to jump aboard the trillion dollar high speed train

    David Williams's comment 12 March, 2016 1:13 pm

    As a child I watched in dismay as the rail network in Northern Ireland was systematically dismantled in total disregard for the needs of the community. By 1960 there was little left beyond the principal route from Belfast to Derry and from Belfast to Dublin - and then the 'troubles' began in earnest. Whether there is a connection I cannot prove but I cannot see any other reason while a whole province of Britian should turn in on itself with such devastating consequences.
    On mainland Britian rail services are largely still intact and many are better than they have ever been. Lucky us!
    HS1 is superb. HS2 should be likewise - and then HS3 ... But please do not sacrifice the existing network to achieve them. The indifferent attitude towards the South West Peninsula beyond Exter is worrying as is that towards the Trans Pennine links. These are in desperate need of improvement and their cost would be modest in comparison to high speed rail.

  • Comment on: Guided bus derails in Cambridge

    David Williams's comment 7 March, 2016 11:04 am

    Thinking some more ... there is nothing inherently wrong with the concept of a guided bus - it is a very attractive proposition. The issue is the method of guidance. The trough seems archaic, harking back to the origin of railways when the flange was not on the inside of the wheel but on the outside of the rail. A more modern approach would be based on a vision system following a line.

  • Comment on: Guided bus derails in Cambridge

    David Williams's comment 5 March, 2016 11:20 am

    This is a deeply flawed engineering concept. Unless the sides of the trough are kept polished smooth the rubber tyres will climb and when this happens the wheel will be snatched. There will be nothing the driver can do. The worst part is: what has happened will happen again, and again.

  • Comment on: Safer cycling strategy has scared me off my bike

    David Williams's comment 9 February, 2015 4:28 pm

    Please don't give up on cycling. London may be bad but here in Weymouth the provision of separated routes has, in the main, been successful. We need this work to continue and to be extended out across Dorset. (Many main routes in Dorset are too narrow, too winding, too undulating and with high banks to permit cycling or even walking.)

    In a lighter vein, I am sure there will be some who will be delighted to know you are one less cyclist to encounter on their drive to work - until they discover you have taken their parking place.

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