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David Howard

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  • Comment on: ICE President interview | Andrew Wyllie

    David Howard's comment 22 November, 2018 10:07 pm

    I find it difficult to swallow Andrew Wyllie as President of ICE and also his words, having had first hand experience of the appalling treatment by Costain of their supply chain, notably designers. Nearly a quarter of a century on has the Latham Report changed anything?

  • Comment on: Civil engineers accused of 'losing ability to do good design'

    David Howard's comment 8 October, 2018 4:40 pm

    Perhaps Mr Hayes would like to refer back to one of his predecessors Paul Chandon back in the 80s thought it was a wheeze to introduce fixed design fees and competitive fee tendering for designers. Result ever increasingly tighter design budgets, design teams living hand to mouth producing unrefined design work on the basis that as long as it is functional that will do. Mean time the designers are told all the while they have to innovate. Mr Hayes, you get what you pay for.

  • Comment on: Your View | ICE Governance Vote

    David Howard's comment 8 July, 2018 5:04 pm

    This weekend I have received the Notice of Meeting of the SGM of the 31 July 2018 in respect of the proposed amendments of the Royal Charter, By-Laws and Regulations to change the Institution's governance structure, forced by those Corporate Members rightly concerned by the manner which these changes are being pursued. I share their concerns.

    I was totally surprised by the announcement of the changes in the June edition of the NCE and the precipitate manner with which the changes required to effect the planned re-structuring of the Institution's governance were introduced into this year's ballot without adequate explanation or time for proper debate by the members. The letter signed by the gang of 11 published in the July edition of the NCE is a both a lamentable and unsubstantiated effort to persuade the membership that the Institution's and its members interests are being cared for. In pursuit of those that are driving this undemocratic change are clearly determined to pursue it by refusing to cancel the current ballot and by holding the SGM at an early date when it will be difficult for the vast majority of members to attend and in a manner that will make it impossible to express their opinions.

    I will attend the SGM (even though I have to travel from Cheshire) with the intention of supporting Paul Jowitt and Jean Venables' motions in order that a '...period of extensive and effective consultation debate within the ICE's membership at large,...' can be rightly followed. I urge as many members as are able to come and ensure the Institution's and its members interests are safeguarded.

  • Comment on: Open letter from ICE President Lord Mair

    David Howard's comment 7 June, 2018 8:19 am

    Having studied the details of proposed amendments to the Royal Charter and By-laws the it seems to me that the creation of The Trustee Board is a power grab from The Council and the Members.

  • Comment on: June 2018 | Connecting Cities

    David Howard's comment 5 June, 2018 3:30 pm

    I agree entirely with the sentiments expressed by Professor Jowitt in respect of the governance of the ICE (letter to NCE Editor June 2018). I do not understand what the President means by 'greater social value' in his open letter also of the June edition.

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