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Archie Campbell

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  • Comment on: Residents wooed with Heathrow noise pledges

    Archie Campbell's comment 25 April, 2017 5:09 pm

    Nine years ago I was preparing H&S manuals for a contractor working for BAA. The Gatwick office was immediately outside the Southern boundary, about 100yds from the runway, about the same distance as the taxiways. On one occasion two BAA engineers came for a meeting. They were shocked at the fact how the building shook each time a plane took off although the double glazing was good enough for there to be no need to pause the meeting because of the noise at those times.

    Double glazing coupled with forced air ventilation means that noise is not a major issue. Similarly possibly the forced air ventilation coupled with air filtration can be used to control the air pollution.


  • Comment on: ‘Black box recorder’ developed for buildings

    Archie Campbell's comment 12 September, 2016 1:06 pm

    Surely the idea of storing the data within the building is suspect. This has been the problem with recent aircraft crashes. You need to find the recorder. If however the data is transmitted for storage elsewhere then it remains available.


  • Comment on: Will safety fears spell the end of T-junctions?

    Archie Campbell's comment 6 July, 2016 10:16 am

    I don't like mini roundabouts because:
    1) A minor road can come to the roundabout with view to the right so knowing that they have right of way whereas the major road can approach with obscured vision of the same road. The driver on the major road is not expecting traffic from the minor road (it can be very minor, the exit from a ten house estate) and doesn't slow to the very slow speed required by an entry from the minor road at speed.
    2) People use mini roundabouts for U turns. Other users aren't expecting this, there is no signal for U turn, and a driver coming from the right isn't expecting to have to give way to the driver from the left doing a U turn.
    I think that priority needs to remain with either the straight on road or the busier s is natural and giving priority to minor roads or those which need to slow in any case is potentially dangerous and slows all traffic.

  • Comment on: Report finds more women at board level, but more could be done in civils sector

    Archie Campbell's comment 29 October, 2015 1:45 pm

    Surely the proportion of women on the board should have a relation to the number of women employed in senior roles. It is unreasonable to expect 50:50 on the board of companies with predominantly male employees. That would definitely be artificial.


  • Comment on: Hyperloop plan revolutionises high speed rail, says developer

    Archie Campbell's comment 26 October, 2015 7:34 pm

    Total door to door time is the important measure but 45 min for anywhere in London to Glasgow is unlikely as it can take 45 min to get to a terminus in either city. Moreover increasing the number of stops slows a train. O.08g accel/decal + 1 min stop means that a stop adds 3min to journey time at 200mph.

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