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Alan Sim

Alan Sim



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  • Comment on: Engineers urged to plug England's daily 3bn litre water leak

    Alan Sim's comment 24 May, 2018 10:02 am

    Whilst it is important we take action on leakage rates to sustain water distribution at suitable levels, we really should be considering other approaches to water use and re-use, especially in the home. We shouldn't be using potable water to flush our toilets and grey water collection should be considered country wide. This would free up a percentage of existing supplies for potable use only.
    Maybe the Planning Inspectorate should get involved and press for inclusion of grey water capture in all new developments.

  • Comment on: Miami’s billion dollar port tunnel finally finished

    Alan Sim's comment 7 August, 2014 1:24 pm

    Someone should really be proof reading this. The tunnels are 13m in diameter! Furthermore, this article appears very brief given the time, history and controversies involved in this scheme.
    We don't want headlines, we want Engineering.

  • Comment on: Why are engineers too boring for TV?

    Alan Sim's comment 1 April, 2014 4:32 pm

    I wrote to Talkback Thames the makers of Grand Designs, with an idea for a spin-off show, Grand Designs - Engineering, where the engineering inputs into the ever more elaborate designs would be explained. And these could piggy-back on the original shows as a follow up. This is normal everyday building construction, not Mega Engineering etc.
    I didn't get a reply. Obviously we are not 'sexy' enough for TV.
    Its very frustrating that for more complex construction on these shows the input of the Engineer is glossed over whilst they like to concentrate more on the visual aspect of the finished project.
    No Engineer - no project!

  • Comment on: NCE Live News Updates Monday 17 March: Higgins calls for HS2 to reach North quicker - but drops link to HS1

    Alan Sim's comment 18 March, 2014 11:27 am

    There is always the risk with these projects that the shiny end, ie London, will benefit first and the end point (lets generalise and call this - the North) never actually reaches the intended target due to time, cost or governmental changes.
    One solution would be to start at the intended target and build south. There is more chance of the scheme reaching fruition if the link with London is the last piece in the puzzle, whether its linked with HS1 or not.
    Or is that just me being cynical?

  • Comment on: Water is more precious than we think

    Alan Sim's comment 8 April, 2013 1:58 pm

    Interesting lecture and shocking statistics with respect to virtual water usage. However, we, alone, will never reach Global Water Security for two reasons. Firstly, we have little or no influence on overseas water usage and given much of our manufacturing/consumer goods are imported there will continue to be the same wasteful attitude towards water use abroad, particularly in the heavily industrialised nations of the far east. As with CO2 we will have little impact here. Maybe a 'Domestic Water Security' effort would be a start.
    Secondly, with a privatised water industry there will be little encouragement from the private water companies to assist with reducing water usage to the detriment of their profits and dividend. In the Scottish example it is key to note that they have a single controlling qango for the entire country and the government can better influence policy decisions.
    My own view is we need to think a little outside the box and develop a tiered water supply network where some industries can benefit from say a greywater, reclaimed water or even a saline industrial use supply with only basic primary treatment. All industries do not need a fully treated drinking water supply for their operations. But alas, in the privatised environment there will probably be limited interest in investment.

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